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Policy Playbook

Book Design

No Labels, a bipartisan organization whose mission is to bring together Republicans and Democrats, tasked us with designing graphics for their major initiative geared towards the next president of the United States.

Over the last year No Labels received input from citizens and the nation’s top policy minds to develop a problem solving playbook for our next president. The playbook includes 60 ideas backed by both sides of the aisle centered on jobs, Social Security and Medicare, energy and budget.

The goal was to communicate the 60 ideas in an easily digestible format that not only appealed to the next president and U.S. Congress, but also to the broader American public.

As all of the policy goals are supported by citizens from both sides of the aisle, we created illustrations that were citizen-focused and approachable. Each of the four main policy sections were illustrated (jobs, Social Security + Medicare, energy, and budget), with its own set of characters and color palette. The simplified, flat graphics successfully complemented the complex data points and research.

The policy booklet was unveiled at Washington D.C.'s landmark Mayflower Hotel, and the campaign was launched online at The graphics were featured on CNBC and Forbes.

  —   “The playbook deserves your serious attention.”     Forbes

“The playbook deserves your serious attention.” 


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