Serendipity Brands

A Taste Of Fame

The Mission

Introduce the essence of an iconic, quirky, whimsical NYC landmark restaurant to the rest of the world by way of ice cream pints, cakes, and sundae cups.

The Result

By embracing the unique character of regular Serendipity 3 denizens — from Andy Warhol and Cher to wide-eyed kiddos, groover teens, great-great grandmothers and bold-faced socialites, we created a visual language that represented the sheer joy, scrumptious celebration and must-have quality of Serendipity ice cream.

Marine Lane imagined the restaurant in pint-size form, illustrating Tiffany lamps, mismatched furniture, quirky clocks and ornate frames. We created a series of characters that can be seen in the restaurant — teens, tots, grandpas, Broadway stars, and beyond.

In August 2020, Marine Lane collaborated with newest Serendipity Partner & Owner, Selena Gomez, to create a one-of-a-kind pint, Cookies & Cream Remix. Marine Lane created a black and pink hued pint, inspired by the launch of Selena Gomez and BlackPink’s new single, Ice Cream.

Marine Lane worked in tandem with Serendipity on the launch, art directing cookie-inspired photoshoots, making custom props for the Selena X BlackPink music video, designing vibrant social media assets, creating custom illustrations of the musical artists, and producing fun promotional items for influencer kits.

The pints appeared front and center in the Ice Cream music video, which garnered 381 Million views (and counting!) and Trended #1 on YouTube for a week; the entire campaign resulted in over a billion impressions worldwide.

“We could not have chosen a better brand packaging partner than Marine Lane. We challenged them to recreate the Serendipity 3 experience of the NYC iconic restaurant and they nailed it on all aspects. Serendipity Ice Cream will be in 35,000+ stores nationally by early 2020 and Marine Lane’s design and marketing programs are one of the key reasons we have been so successful.”

- Sal Pesce, President and Co-Founding Member of Serendipity Ice Cream

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Dream big. dare daily. Proud nerds. Share stuff often. dream big. dare daily. proud nerds. share stuff often.
Dream big. dare daily. Proud nerds. Share stuff often. dream big. dare daily. proud nerds. share stuff often.