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We’re an international, intergenerational, opinionated ragtag group of relentless dreamers and designers. We also like each other, a lot. Which helps when you are at work, a lot.

Meet the Lane


Under Megan’s stewardship, the firm creates compelling, award-winning work for a range of clients. Flood was awarded Person to Watch by Graphic Design USA and is a regular guest speaker at her alma mater, University of Michigan School of Art & Design, and Parsons The New School for Design. The 24-hour/365-day-a-year commitment that comes with running the business is nothing compared to running after young sons Hayden, Rhys and Sonny the other 24-hour/365-days-a-year.



Hannah has driven projects for Mercedes-Benz, LG, No Labels and Ford. Hillier’s passion for visual storytelling is evident in her work. Hillier’s work has been featured in Graphic Design USA, USA Today, the State of the Union Address and HOW Magazine. Hannah hails from Traverse City, the cherry capital of the world — which might explain her love for polka dancing. Or does it?



An oldie but goodie. Been working in PR, marketing, branding and then some since the late 80s. Cut her teeth working for big agencies, small firms and global brands before finally opening her own eponymous firm, Maloney + Fox. She eventually sold her business to Waggener Edstrom (now WE) and returned to her Ogilvy roots as a Managing Director/Creative Director. As a good Jew, she has given up heels for lent. A proud Jumbo (Go Tufts) and a lucky London School of Economics graduate student (yes, they do give MAs in history) — Fox takes work very seriously — but never herself.



Diana is a strategic thinker, enthusiastic team player and a devoted dog lover.  Diana’s a Libra but her laser focus on improving efficiency, keeping things organized, meeting and exceeding deadlines and being early to zooms adds extreme Virgo value to every project she touches. She collaborates closely and daily with Marine Lane’s creative crew to keep work humming, on schedule and within budget.  Ensuring success at every juncture —  from project conception to launch is Diana’s North Star.


Born and raised in Ecuador. She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and master's degree in international public affairs from the University of Wisconsin and has worked in multicultural environments for more than 10 years with a strong background in international business.



Originally from Venezuela — Rebe currently resides in Buenos Aires where when not crushing project management by day — is crushing her street fusion dance lessons, finessing her mixology skills and hanging happily with her rescue pup Artie. Rebe is a Business Administration graduate with experience managing projects in a myriad of fields including finance, business intelligence and graphic design. Rebe is known on the Lane for her ability to juggle (multiple) balls, sticks on fire, deadlines, and client needs with resourcefulness, aplomb, grace and wit. 


As a teenager Rebe taught herself English singing to the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and N’Sync. Which is why she always ends calls or zooms by saying bye, bye, bye.



Maria seriously ups our language game with her fluency in Spanish, German, Portuguese, English and a dash of Mandarin — and still never makes any of us feel any less linguistically apt.  Which is also testament to her ability to kindly + successfully manage projects and seamlessly work with clients, vendors and deadlines. With more than a decade in the biz and an MBA in international business and big data — Maria is our ace in the hole. Her brethren on the lane chock that up to her lust for life — and a long list of talents and passions including karate, photography, racquetball, travel and meditation.  


Born, raised and currently residing in Tegucigalpa, Honduras — Maria also has one heck of an adorable baby daughter Gracie.  No seriously, model baby cute (she wouldn’t say that — but the rest of us would).



Her circuitous (and for us fortuitous) journey by way of Suwon, Corpus Christi, Baltimore led Yeonjung to settle down at Marine Lane. Our plucky designer/heroine arrived in America knowing little English and with zero interest in Country Music or regular rodeos. Her gumption to follow her dreams and imagination begot an BFA from MICA and gainful employment with us. Yeonjung is our resident hot pot expert (run don’t walk to Hai Di Lao in Flushing). She found moving to NYC in the middle of the pandemic a breeze as a suspense, crime and law + order devotee. Whatever is in the mix — she can handle it with aplomb — and figure it out before Olivia B. Yeonjung’s range of creative design styles blows our collective minds on a daily basis. That she’s amazingly nice is the icing — and the cake too!!



A woman of sophisticated and arcane tastes — Yoonjung gravitates to ranunculus in the flower category (no carnation bouquets for her) and eschews Lay’s and/or Cape Cod potato chips in favor of tteok bokki (which besides being a Korean very spicy rice cake is also a known stress reliever — no, really, trust her). Yoonjung is a little like the 1000 piece puzzles she likes to do — so many multifarious interests. Don’t get her started about graphic design, detailed design systems, fine and street art through the ages AND cute and wild illustrations — that all weirdly but seamlessly fit together into a whole that is an amazingly talented designer, technologist, and human. Yoonjung is unflappable in the face of crazy deadlines and lovely to the nth degree. Which is why we are all still confused on what she has against bananas.



Amber is a sporty spice Gen-Yer and an outdoor/nature enthusiast. She loves to travel, find off-the-beaten track art exhibits, biking, painting, drawing, printmaking, indie films and box office blockbusters — all with a side of wasabi rice crackers, boba tea and lychee jellies.  She currently resides in CA but spent some formative and fun graphic design years in Boston (where she got her BFA) and NYC.  Amber is humble AND multifariously talented (go figure) and up-levels design with expressive, imaginative and surprising touches. She is universally loved on the lane for her never-say-no, can-do attitude and laser-focused in stressful situations.  Yes — she’s crafty too.



Hailing from San Francisco, Caelyn is a maker (a whiz with a power drill and a jigsaw), a doer (hiking + baking + hydroponic gardening are specialties), and a serial figure-it-outer. With a penchant for solving puzzles, she thrives on making our clients’ lives not only easier, but brighter. Starting her career in product at Wag!, Caelyn quickly honed her ability to intuit user needs and bring abstract ideas to life. Outside the office, you might find her building a bespoke bar cart, cheffing up gourmet treats (currently on a sticky bun streak), and befriending all the neighborhood pups. Leading with enthusiasm and a sincere curiosity, she brings a unique strategic lens to the Lane. She also brings cookies.



As Marine Lane has a very strong appreciation and penchant for everything University of Michigan, the crew was delighted to add Charlotte to our roster as a rising senior at the Ross School of Business and a native Ann Arborian! Our motto is, and will likely always be — the more Wolverines, the better! Charlotte’s multifarious passions include; fashion, knitting (just guess her yarn color palette) and pickleball. Her lofty goals for her first summer in NYC include identifying the best bagel, egg and cheese sandwich in the city AND taking advantage of all these five boroughs have to offer. She is also sprinkling her Gen-Z social media smarts, unique talents and perspectives onto The Lane.



Harry Richards is one of Marine Lane’s most trusted and key go-to graphic designers —specializing in visual identity, typography, print design. His side interest in medieval and 20th century history only makes him more fun on zooms.  Based in Bristol, UK, (known for its Clifton suspension bridge and its rich history involving swashbuckling pirates) Harry is inspired by mid-century design, old and new film posters and moonlights as an amateur quiz guy.  His work for our clients creates and elevates purpose, clarity and consciousness Originally from the county of Cornwall, Harry graduated from the esteemed Plymouth College of Art in 2019 with a BA in Graphic Design.



A weed-puller, dog-feeder and mail-getter by the age of 8, David has since gone on to work as a busboy, journalist, adman, marketer, and TV writer. After serving a 15-year sentence in Hollywood, David now resides back on the East Coast with his wife and daughter. Dave’s sole professional purpose is to do a good job; his ego is never wrapped up in his work beyond his ability to deliver for clients. Which he’s done for household names like Amazon, Microsoft, Ford, American Express and beyond. Websites, speeches, books, collateral, campaigns and creative strategy, and all the stuff in between. Dave’s not in it for fame. He’s not in it for glory. Is he a hero? That’s for history to decide. Dave just likes to write. Who knows what he'll write next!


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